FREE hail and storm Inspections

f89252d6-29e8-4eac-aeba-49af29fc0ea2We are doing FREE hail and storm Inspections.

Custom Renovations is a Missouri-based company. We are in the area to help you with your sometimes complicated insurance claim.

We have trained professionals that can determine the amount of hail damage and help you through the claim process. We explain everything about the insurance company’s insurance adjusters and how they pay and how they write checks to you and your mortgage company.

Let us help you through the process with your insurance company and fill out paperwork for your mortgage company if needed. This is a Free inspection with no obligation.

Just because you can’t see damage from the ground doesn’t mean there isn’t damage. Have someone trained to get up on the roof and look at the damage. Every roof is different and every neighborhood is different as far as the amounts of damage.

Contact Custom Renovations Roofing today.